Intune – Create Azure AD dynamic device groups

There are three device enrollments available for iOS devices. They are DEP(Device Enrollment Program), Apple Configurator and Corporate Identifier. For DEP and Apple configurator enrolled devices can be easily fetched using Azure AD Dynamic group using DeviceEnrollmentProfileName property but for corporate identifier devices cannot be done the same way as DEP and Apple Configurator. HereContinue reading “Intune – Create Azure AD dynamic device groups”

Intune – Remove stale entry from Azure AD

There are options in Intune to remove stale after a period of time but that doesn’t mean it will also remove the stale device entry from Azure AD. There are plenty of things to consider even after removing the stale entry from Azure AD. Therefore, it is recommended to go through the below article. Ref:Continue reading “Intune – Remove stale entry from Azure AD”